Bible Study & Prayer

Come and join our Bible study every Friday at 8pm!!

The Bible study session is the time where not only a group of us learn and understand more of His words but it is also used as our bonding time as we grow stronger together as His followers.

The session begins with our mini potluck dinner where we update and share with each other about our busy life. It continues on with praise , worship and on top of that, understanding and unveiling the hidden mysteries behind His words. As it is placed in a more informal setting, it welcomes a more interactive discussion. From a new convert to a veteran Christian, we together can unveil the real truths of His words and not only follow Him based on our own understanding. Throughout the session, we can see how the Bible comes to life.

The session ends with a prayer session where we share each of our own needs that we want to request for praying ( for example, work, family matters, study, personal development and etc.). As a group, we pray together and through this you will find a strong supportive network. Even if you are shy or you are still not ready to share, this Bible study and prayer session is a very beneficial for you especially if you are seeking into greater spiritual growth.

Please feel free to join. Do not feel intimidated or embarassed or self-conscious as we are all equal in His eyes. Our RCC family welcomes you to our weekly Bible study and prayer with open arms!