Welcome to the Restoration Christian Church Music Ministry

The Goal of Restoration Christian Church Music Ministry is to fill the heart of man with songs of praise and worship by teaching the congregations the who, what, where, when, why and how we worship. The goal can only be fulfilled as we acknowledge the emptiness of our heart that cries for praise and worship and as we open our heart - we realize the utter barrenness of our souls being separated from Him.


Praise and worship are not only an expression of our intimate relationship with God, it is our lifestyle. And there is an inward craving that cannot be satisfied with anything else unless our heart is filled with praise and worship. Praise and worship connect the heart of man to the presence of God, tearing down the wall that we put between us and God, enabling Him to touch us through His word.


Do you have a heart of worship? Do you play any music instrument? Are you willing to be used by God to lead His people in praise and worship? If your answer is 'yes' - come join our music ministry!


Psalm 150:6 says: "Let everything that has breath praise the LORD".


Music Coordinator


Cennyana Boon